Disasters Handled

We fully understand the damage caused by a tornado and make it known so you are paid to the fullest allowed under your policy.
FACT: Tornadoes will twist and crack structures leaving hidden damage that we will not leave undiscovered.
FACT: We have done repairs and know the full cost to recover and will not accept less.
Thirty years of Tornado and Wind damage claim recovery experience used in every claim.

Distinguishing and understanding the difference between flood and wind damage is a key component in filing your claim.  Flooding leaves a lot of hidden damage that you need to be experienced at, to discover, and have made part of your loss payment.
TIP: We know even if you cannot see it, the damage is there

                              WIND DAMAGE
Windstorm, understanding the rules and patterns of wind can help establish a claim. Our secret is we have the experience to know what you should be paid for.

Item by item listing of your content items, with up to date cost.  It takes all 30 years of my content expertise to know what to total out, repair or replace. In water or mud you have to identify the damage and properly document it.


A broken pipe under your sink to a water line leak the damage is complicated.  Water damage we find is a complicated damage claim, that most people want to patch the leak and it is over.
Wrong! We want everything the water touched evaluated.
Mold is a big problem that starts with a water leak, you need to fully understand the limited coverage, We Do!

Fire is ugly and totally destroys so much, plus leaves a lot of questionable damage.  You have to first have to know the damage, then the current costs and where to get the documentation.

Smoke gets into the insulation, the wall areas and contaminates so much that you may not see today.  It all needs to be paid for, our job is to see your claim covers it all.

Stan Miller can help. He has the expertise to work through every type of claim, with his extensive knowledge of construction and disaster recovery and rebuilding.
Stan Miller, Public Adjuster has set the GOLD standard in Pubic Adjusting and add his 30 years of experience and expertise to every claim as if it were his own personal loss.

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