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Stan Miller's Story

Stan Miller's story began with the decision to come above ground some 30 plus years ago after being buried alive for the third time while installing underground sewer lines.  Once you lay under a pile of dirt not knowing if anyone can dig you out, you quickly learn to evaluate profit versus the risk of losing your future.  "Stan," I said to myself, "it is time to find a new line of work".  And that is what got me into the construction game.

As the years passed, I built homes, shopping centers, steel buildings and did a ton of repair and remodeling work.  Out of this grew the hands on experience of seeing how 'in the dark' most people are when it comes to dealing with recovering from and insurance loss.

I first worked with Insurance Adjusters as a building contractor.  Asking such questions as "How in the world can I do this job with the small amount of money the insurance company is paying?" and "Why aren't you paying the whole roof instead of just a patch job?"

In the following years, I soon learned that the Insurance Company would pay what it actually cost to get the job done, and yes, you can have a whole roof if you know how to go about the process of substantiating your claim.  All it takes is the proper documentation and the knowledge to deal with the Insurance Adjuster.

We are a full service company and pride ourselves on our attention to details and meeting the individual requirements of each claim in a manner that keeps our clients coming back and makes them proud to give us referrals.

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